Retail & Business Opportunities

Whether you’re a business looking to set-up-shop at Castlegate or a brand looking for promotional space, we have opportunities for you

Retail Opportunities

For information on the availability of shop units in Castlegate please contact our agents Barker Proudlove.

Phone: Richard Barker – 0113 388 4856

If you’re a independent business and interested in a unit in Spencer Market please contact the Castlegate Management Office.

Phone: Karen Eve – 01642 672783

Business Opportunities

Promotional Space – Space To Trade 

Space to Trade offer a unique service and experience aimed at realising retail potential for quality retailers which add value to Castlegate Shopping Centre.

For more information contact Lynn Carmichaelon or 07826 529 286 for details on availability and rates.

Digital Advertising – Review Systems

Review Systems offer advertising on our digital screens in the centre and on our external screen facing Stockton High Street.

Deliver important messaging and engage potential customers to promote services and special offers.

For more information contact Jason Fallan or Jonathan Brown on 01772 875536 or for details on availability and rates.

Spencer Market Units To Let

If you’re an independent business interested in a unit in Spencer Market please contact Centre Manager, Karen Eve on:

Tel: 01642 672783

AVAILABLE UNITS (click here for shop map)

Unit 11  – 146 sq.ft

Unit 17 – 207 sq.ft

Unit 18/19 – 712 sq.ft

Unit 22 – 289 sq.ft