Turn Back Tide


The installation of a new landmark artwork in Stockton, by acclaimed artist Aikaterini Gegisian, is built on Tees Valley inspiration.

Following a period of research and engagement with local residents, Gegisian has created Turn Back Tide.

The work suggests the evolution of central Stockton-on-Tees from an industrial past towards its current status as a hub of trade and service provision.

Turn Back Tide acts as a bridge between the former sites of production surrounding central Stockton-on-Tees, the river as a historic route for the transportation of goods and natural resources, and Castlegate Shopping Centre as the present container of goods.

Gegisian took as her starting point a series of product catalogues from various former local factories, including South Durham Steel and Iron Co and Head Wrightson.

She brought together diagrams of steel sections from these publications with copies of archival photographs of local factories, and contrasted these images with views of shopping centres, depictions of ancient temples and reproductions of decorative objects.

Gegisian comments: “I am thrilled to be invited to exhibit as part of Castlegate ART, and delighted to have the opportunity to respond to such an inspiring area.

“I live and work in the Tees Valley, and so it is with great pride that I can make my own contribution to the region by creating a work for such a prominent site, and to bring art beyond the gallery into the public realm.”