Castlegate ART

‘Turn Back Tide’
Aikaterini Gegisian
The Castlegate ART commission is a collaboration between Castlegate Shopping Centre, mima and Stockton Borough Council.

Castlegate ART provides a new art platform for Teesside. The name of the initiative is the combination of ‘Castlegate’ with ‘Art’, suggesting art for and at Castlegate Shopping Centre.

The commissioners are keen for the project to have a community oriented focus, and situate it with local people. They also want to widen the scope of the commissioned artists, who may work with all sorts of media and engage with ideas rather than just studio-based activity.

View the previously commissioned artworks:

On Wednesday July 26th, 2017 we launched the 3rd Castlegate ART commission to Stockton.

Aikaterini Gegisian was proposed, along with four other artists, by Miguel Amado, Senior Curator, and Giles Maffett, Assistant Curator, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, to produce a work for Castlegate ART.

They, along with the other commissioning organisations representatives, Jan Doherty, Arts Development Manager and Reuben Kench, Head of Culture & Leisure, Stockton Borough Council, and Karen Eve, General Manager, Castlegate Shopping Centre, came to the conclusion the most suited artist for this commission was Aikaterini Gegisian.

The Commissioners

Castlegate Shopping Centre

Castlegate Shopping Centre is owned by Ellandi and Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Ellandi are the UK’s leading specialist shopping centre investors, with a portfolio of 33community shopping centres throughout the country. Angelo, Gordon & Co is a large international investor with over $27 billion of assets under management.

Castlegate Shopping Centre is a major feature on the High Street in Stockton-on-Tees town centre. Home to over sixty stores, it includes the historic indoor market hall offering fresh produce and local character.


Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, part of Teesside University, is a useful museum, an institution with a social function that repurposes art as a tool, pursuing a civic agenda and contributing to change.

Its programme integrates exhibitions, collection displays, commissions, off-site projects, learning activities, events and community-focused initiatives.

It plays a key role in the cultural ecology of North East England, particularly Teesside, and is internationally recognised for its mission. It is funded by Arts Council England and Middlesbrough Council.

Stockton Borough Council 

Stockton-on-Tees is an attractive market town in the Tees Valley with a lively cultural life, which includes the nationally acclaimed Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Stockton On Tees is one of contrasts, a mix of busy town centres, urban residential areas and picturesque villages.

With a wide range of regeneration projects currently taking place, the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees faces the greatest degree of physical change for a century.