When there’s something strange…

16th October, 2021

WITH HALLOWEEN fast approaching, we are using our spooky reputation to raise cash for a local mental health charity.

Castlegate is built on the site of an ancient castle and tales of hauntings and paranormal activity have been told for many years.

Now the unexplained energy many people have felt is being channelled into raising funds for Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind by Lone Vigil Investigations.

The Teesside-based paranormal investigation company is run by husband-and-wife team Chris and Clare Allison who started the company in 2018 after years of investigating paranormal activity across the UK as a hobby.

They suggested organising overnight watches at Castlegate ahead of its demolishment in 2022 – and offered to donate half of the proceeds to charity.

Marketing Manager of Castlegate, Chantal Taylor, jumped at the chance to help chosen charity Mind – which with thanks to the generosity of Lone Vigils received £1,000.

Chantal said: ”Many investigators ask to come to the centre as it is a well-known location for paranormal activity but we chose Lone Vigils Investigations as they were the first to kindly offer a charitable donation.

“I think this is probably the most unusual way money has been raised for Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind – and we know every penny raised helps.“

Lorna Routledge, of Mind said: “All the donations stay in the Teesside area to help local people, so we are very grateful for the support of the Castlegate.

“Our services have been very much in demand because so many people are having a tough time, whether that’s because they’ve lost their job, through bereavement or the general impact of Covid on their mental health and wellbeing.

Chris, of Lone Vigils explained: “Paranormal investigation was our hobby, and we found a lot of people, like us, were interested in the experience. So, we decided to turn it into a business, which has turned out to be a great success and we now deliver events across the country.

“We have experienced some really good, genuine paranormal activity at the centre, which we measure through mediums and specialist equipment.

“We know for sure people were executed on the site of the castle and we think we may have connected with some accused of being witches.”

Lorna admits she is too much of a ‘scaredy cat’ to try it for herself: “Just going to have the photograph taken in one of the most haunted areas of the Castlegate at 11am on a sunny morning was freaky enough for me!” she said.

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