Last Minute Halloween Costumes

20th October, 2021

IF YOU’RE reading this blog then we’re guessing that you have ran out of time to get a Halloween costume together!

But no worries we have you covered for DIY costumes that are easy to make with items you have lying around the house…

The Bachelorette
If you’re a fan of trashy American reality TV then this easy-peasy costume is a must. Simply wear your favourite LBD and pick up a dozen roses. Throughout the night hand your roses out to hotties you think might be the one!

Beer Pong
This choice is 2 in 1 – a costume and game! All you have to do is glue a pyramid of red solo cups to a top and add a few ping-pong balls. Just make sure drinks go to you and not in the cups – you don’t want to be covered in cider all night.

Price is Right Contestant
Remember Brucie’s Price is Right? Well for this costume all you need to do is wear your regular clothes and add a name tag and ta-da you’re ready! Go all out and bring a mishmash of terrible items with you for that all-authentic late 90s ITV look.

Cereal Killer
If you love a good pun then this costume is a must. Raid your recycle bin for cereal boxes, safety pin them to a top, poke plastic spoons through the boxes and add red nail polish around the holes for a dramatic effect.

Crazy Cat Lady
Go as your true inner self – a crazy cat lady. Put on your favourite dressing gown, add a bunch of stuffed cats and add those all-important final details – hair rollers, slippers and some pouches of Dreamies.

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