DIY Halloween Decor

8th October, 2021

WHETHER YOU’RE out to impress trick or treaters or throwing a spooky bash, check out our DIY Halloween decorations to truly spook visitors…

Graveyard Garden
Create a haunted cemetery by using materials you will have lying around the house. Simply gather up cardboard boxes and cut out different tombstone shapes, rectangles/crosses/ovals, and give them a lick of dark gray paint – don’t forget to add a bit of artificial moss. All that’s left to do is to write eerie RIP epitaphs – take a look at a few of our favourites.

Spooky Spiders
Transform a few black bin bags into a giant spider that even Hagrid would be afraid of. Whether you hide them up in a tree or at the door, these are guaranteed to scare. All you need is nine bin bags and plenty of stuffing material, we suggest leaves as there’s plenty about! Fill one bag to create the body and then another eight for the legs.

Ghostly Guides
Keep hold of your milk bottles and you can create a ghost-lit walkway! After washing out your jugs, grab a sharpie and draw on some spooky faces, the Scream mask is a must-do, add in a couple of tealights to illuminate the faces and trick or treaters will soon be racing up your path.

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