Outdoor Fun & Games

3rd August, 2021

WITH THE holidays in full flow we have found the best outdoor fun and games to keep the little ones entertained this summer…

Mini Golf
If you fancy your little one as the next Xander Schauffele then this mini-golf set will get them into the swing of things! Complete with plastic clubs, flags, putters, balls and even a trolley, just ensure you place them on a straight surface.

Ring Toss
This simple and traditional game of accuracy will test your skills as you try to collect the most points. However, no cheating by the adults by keeping the pegs the same distance that you have for the kids – stick it a few metres further away!

A perfect game for the next family BBQ, split into two teams and use a cricket bat and ball to see if you can hit a home run. Just make sure you keep the ball within your garden – you don’t want to have to go get the ball back from your neighbour and end up inviting them round!

You can find all these outdoor games in Wilko plus many more – let us know what you pick up!

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