BEE Friendly

13th May, 2021

THIS WEEK marks National Bee Day so we have rounded up some top tips on how to “bee friendly”…

Bee-Friendly Garden
Plant nectar-rich plants in your garden for bees to forage in – they love traditional cottage flowers and native wildflowers. Plus, if you’re the sort who can’t really be bothered with the garden, even better! Bees love long grass and making nests in compost heaps or under hedgerows so you can help the environment and chill at the same time too!

Let It Bee!
*Now sing after me* – just a spoonful of sugar helps revive a tired bee! Mix two teaspoons of white granulated sugar with one teaspoon of water and put it on a plate to help revive a tired bee. Sometimes you might see a bee not moving but it’s probably resting so after you’ve given it some sugar water, just simply let it be-e.

Eat Sustainable Honey
When choosing honey try to go for something local from individual beekeepers who practice sustainability. This way you’re supporting a local business and cutting down on carbon commissions. Plus when you choose organic you’re making sure that bees are pollinating in pesticide free areas.

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