Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

26th February, 2021

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts photo collage

WHETHER YOU fancy getting creative or your little one wants to make something special for nana, take a look at our top homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

Vintage Teacup Candle
Take a look in your crockery cupboard and finally put that mismatched teacup to good use by turning it into a candle. It doesn’t take too much time and effort to make plus you can ensure it comes in your Mum’s favourite scent.

Tassel Necklace
This season’s biggest jewellery must-have is trendy tassels and we love this ombre tassel necklace. You can make it in Moroccan-inspired reds and oranges or cool blues and greens – you could even make a necklace for every outfit as it’s that simple!

Sugar Scrub
If you can’t quite afford that all-expenses paid tropical trip then this fruity sugar scrub will soon whisk her away to warmer climates. Made with jojoba oil it will both exfoliate and moisturise as it removes dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling smooth.

Mini Soaps
If your mum has soaps in the downstairs toilet that are just for show then these homemade mini soaps will make the perfect addition. You can even use cookie cutters to make the shape, add your own message and personalise them with her favourite essential oil.

Easy Sillhouttes
Dig out your favourite profile facing childhood snaps for this tear-jerker Mother’s Day pressie. Create a silhouette picture in either iconic black and white or add a pop of colour by using funky patterns for something a bit more modern.

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