Games for all the Family

14th November, 2020

THIS WEEK marks National Board Game Day and with Christmas just around the corner we are looking at family-friendly board games to play on December 25th…

Home Bargains Monopoly
Forget the London version where we can only ever dream about buying Knightsbridge, this Home Bargains version of Monopoly is more up our street. Featuring some of Home Bargains most iconic locations, from Pontefract to Poole, move around the board and get a hotel on their warehouses and distribution centres!

Pictionary Air
Put down the flipchart and constantly running out marker-pen, Pictionary Air is the new way to play the classic family drawing game. After downloading the app, simply point your camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear along with their sketch on your screen. Time to start brushing up on your art skills!

100 Classic Games
If you can’t decide on one game then this 100-in-1 collection is the one for your family this Christmas Day. With plenty of family favourites from Chess to Snakes & Ladders to Ludo (and 97 more!) this game is a definite must-buy. Plus it’s in the 2 for £10 range so pick up one for the in-laws too!

You can pick up all your board gamed while essential shopping at Castlegate from B&M, Home Bargains and Wilko.

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