Mask Make-Up Tips

18th September, 2020

WITH FACE masks now the new normal, your make-up routine needs to adapt to the changes.

Check out our top tips to ensure your face stays flawless throughout the day…

Counteract induced friction by using a heavy moisturizer before you start your make-up routine. This will create a barrier to avoid chaffing and will form a slip so that the edges of your mask don’t irritate your skin throughout the day.

Light Foundation
You’ll want to keep your face make-up as light as possible to stop it smudging and transferring onto your Swarovski-covered mask! We recommend a lightweight BB cream and a light but buildable concealer. Pro-tip – only use it where needed.

With your mouth covered, the key is to play up your eyes using metallic shades.  Don’t forget to apply shadow underneath and finish off with highlighter in the inner corner – it opens your eyes up like you wouldn’t believe!  

Unruly brows will stand out even more when half your face is covered so don’t forget to groom them. After plucking any strays use a spoolie and brow gel to keep them in place and fill in any sparse spots with a brow pencil.

Go for a balm instead of lipstick to help keep your lips hydrated. Wearing a mask may result in the constant licking of lips so ensure you build up a protective barrier by using a lip balm containing shea butter to keep them smooth.

You can pick up everything needed for a flawless face from Faking It and don’t forget to pick up one of their amaze masks – we love the snakeprint one!

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