Covid-19 Update

5th July, 2020

Dear Customers,

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported Castlegate, adhering to social distancing guidelines and visiting for essential supplies only, during these unprecedented times.

We are pleased to say that all our shops have now re-opened fully. For more information please visit our shops page.

We have now implemented a one way pedestrian system.

Please enter Castlegate through our North doors near B&M and exit at our South doors near the Swallow Hotel.   There will be plenty of directional signage and our friendly security team will be on hand to guide you through.

Please note, following the latest government guidance it is now mandatory to wear a face covering in indoor shopping centres and all shops unless you are exempt. Please ensure you wear one in Castlegate to help keep our customers safe and support out businesses.

Don’t be a stranger, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which will mean you don’t miss out on any important news.

Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times.

Stay safe.

15 thoughts on "Covid-19 Update"

  1. Avatar Derek Cottle says:

    What about parking?:

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Derek, parking is currently free at Castlegate. If you come off the multi-storey you will need to exit at Swallow Hotel and walk back round to B&M.

  2. Avatar Fiona faking-It says:

    Will the market Hall doors be open on the 1st June ?

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Fiona, the market hall doors will remain shut until further notice.

  3. Avatar Dorrie Robinson says:

    How will this work if we access Castlegate on foot from the Riverside Road ramp or footbridge & need for example Homebargains..does that mean turning left to Heron Foods & walking around the block

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Dorrie, yes if you come over the footbridge or up the ramp you will need to turn left when you get to the bottom and walk around the centre.

  4. Avatar Paul Watson says:

    Why isn’t a staff member manning the exit. This is clearly needed at the former Swallow Hotel doors to stop people going against the one way system. I saw several people enter in just a few seconds as I exited (must be either illiterate or more likely too lazy to walk to the one way entrance near B&M). The thoughtful, considerate and sensible people turned around and headed to the one way entrance.

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. We do have a member of staff at those doors but they may have been away from their post at the moment you came in unfortunately. We now have two members of staff there. This is the first day so there will be some issues but we hope to iron them out soon.

  5. Avatar Paul Watson says:

    Great, well done and thank you.

  6. Avatar richard says:

    are the small shops open in the castle gate like the people who do the cakes and soups and the one who does the sandwiches next door and how long is this two metres on for as I get lost very easy
    thank you

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Richard, yes some shops in the market hall are open – Blue Corn Bakery (who do the cakes and soup) and Ray’s next door who do the sandwiches. We are going by government guidance re: 2 metres so cannot give you a date. Our staff are always on hand to help. Thanks.

  7. Avatar Mandy says:

    Why are B&M staff manning the entrance at North mall, shouldn’t security be doing that? Those poor staff are run off their feet, surely they shouldn’t be doing a job of the centre aswell.

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Mandy, staff in B&M are advising cutsomers that when they make a purchase, if they do not want to walk right way through the shopping centre they should exit their store back onto the High Street. If a member of staff is at the mall side enterance it is because they are managing their own queues. The same as all the other stores that are currently trading.

  8. Is the jewelleries open please as I don’t know what it is called .It is on the corner when you leave B&M
    Thanks a lot xx

    1. csc_master csc_master says:

      Hi Pauline, yes they are open – NM Taylors 🙂

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