Window Herb Gardens

29th May, 2020

THIS WEEK marks National Garden Week – to celebrate we want to show how you can start a window herb garden!

Suitable for even windowsills that only receive a couple hours of direct sunlight every day, window herb gardens are perfect for you if you’re short on space but big on flavour.

Check out our top tips below and let us know if you have a go…

  • Choose a location where you can enjoy the scent and beauty of your culinary herbs. You don’t want basil growing in your downstairs bathroom window when you could be enjoying the rich scent while you’re working in your home office.
  • For the best soil you want a mixture that will drain well so look for soil with perlite. These little white pellets will keep the soil from packing down and it absorbs water nicely which ensures extra water drains out instead of rotting the roots.
  • For a quick harvest use seedlings, a seed that has just sprouted. To avoid shock, make sure the seedlings get settled in after you transplant them – don’t expose newly planted herbs to extreme temperatures or environmental changes.
  • Choose herbs according to your needs. If you love Italian food then choose Mediterranean herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano for a true taste.
  • Get creative and earn Brownie points by repurposing your recycling.  Use tin cans, plastic bottles and glass jars for plant pots and decorate them with jute crafting wire and parcel tags for a cool hipster vibe.
  • You will need to water your herbs frequently over the next few Summer months to avoid them wilting and dehydrating when exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods.
  • When you’re ready to harvest make sure you punch and pick the leaves to help promote healthy re-growth in your herbs.

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