Let’s Go Fly A Kite

18th April, 2020

AS GEORGE Banks in Mary Poppins sang: “With tuppence for paper and strings, You can have your own set of wings.”

To celebrate National Kite Week we will show you how to make your own kite with plenty of ideas for eye-catching designs.

You will need:
* Large sheet of paper (60cm long by 45cm wide)
* Bamboo plant support (Thin 60cm)
* Twine
* Ribbon

Step 1
Fold the paper in half lengthways. On either side, measure 15cm down from the top. Use ruler or other straight edge to draw a line between these marks and the top centre. Draw two more lines from the marks at the side to the bottom centre, to form a diamond and then carefully cut out your diamond.

Step 2
Now build the frame – bamboo plant supports make the best lightweight spars. Cut one of them to a length of 45cm then tie the two spars together in the middle with twine.

Step 3
At each corner, use something sharp to pierce two holes on either side of the spar and thread twine through each hole and tie it to the spar. Glue the spars to the paper and allow to dry.

Step 4
Attach a piece of twine firmly to the spar at the left and right corners, allowing plenty of slack – there should be about 60cm of twine loose between the two corners. Fix your flying line firmly to this twine.

Step 5
Final step is to create a beautiful design. How about a rainbow to say thank you to key workers, a picture of your family or your pet dog!

Now all that’s left to do is …“Let’s go fly a kite. Up to the highest height. Let’s go fly a kite. And send it soaring.”

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