Love Is…

23rd January, 2020

WHAT DOES love mean to you?

Love means different things to different people and this Valentine’s Day we want to treat five lucky couples to a romantic meal for two at Stockton’s Hope & Union on Friday February 14th.

Whether it’s a long walk on the beach, an unexpected gift or your furbaby, we want to know what ‘Love Is…’ to you.

To enter head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know or fill out a form and pop it in our post box outside B&M.

Click here for terms and conditions.

3 thoughts on "Love Is…"

  1. Avatar Leigh barwick says:

    Love is to me….being there for each other and supporting each other no matter what. Laughter and time together whether weekends away or a cosy meal…making time for each other is very important. Be kind to each other.

  2. Avatar Toni hardy says:

    My two everything, my world ❤️

  3. Avatar Ian Barwick says:

    love is knowing that whatever problem or setback you may face, that your partner has your back, unconditionally

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