Celebrating Croissants

25th January, 2020

THIS WEEK we are celebrating croissants as part of National Croissant Day on Thursday 30th January.

Whether you love them filled with something sweet or you’re more of a savoury girl, check out our favourite fillings below…

Chocolate & Almond
Give store-bought croissants an indulgent twist with marzipan, almonds and milk chocolate. Simply cut ¾ way through your croissant, spread marzipan on the bottom followed by a tsp of almonds and topped with a tbsp of chocolate. Bake for five minutes until all the chocolate has melted and serve warm with a frothy cappuccino for that all-authentic Italian breakfast.

Smoked Salmon
Gather your gal pals and host brunch this weekend with delish smoked salmon scramble croissants. After lightly toasting croissants make scrambled eggs, when the eggs are just-cooked stir in double cream and chives. Fill each croissant with a few slices of smoked salmon, add the creamy scrambled egg and sprinkle with black pepper – don’t forget the Bloody Marys!

Blueberry Bake
An irresistible dessert that’s an easy bake! Cut croissants in half and arrange them roughly in a baking dish. Combine custard, milk and lemon curd then pour all over and set aside. Finally, nestle blueberries around the croissants and dollop on lemon curd, bake for 40 minutes until golden-brown and add icing sugar to decorate.

You can pick up croissants and everything needed to fill them at Iceland.

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