New Year’s Resolutions

23rd December, 2019

INSTEAD OF the usual ‘slim down to a size 10’ or ‘give up chocolate’ we’re looking at fun and unusual New Year’s Resolutions to help give you a boost in 2020.

Learn A Party Trick
Whether you want to learn how to recite the alphabet backwards in less than 10 seconds, how to fold a fiver into a mini polo shirt or break an apple in two with your bare hands, mastering a new skill can help increase your self-esteem as well as get impressive glances at your next night out. Click here for some simple party tricks that will sure to impress – we especially love the bed of nails trick.

Take A Photo in 12 Interesting Places
If there’s always places you’ve wanted to visit but never got the chance then make it your New Year’s Resolution to help spur you on. Visit a new location every month and snap a picture of you with the landmark. If your holiday-allowance and budget let you then visit the Taj Mahal with a stop-off at the Northern Lights. If not, there are plenty of quirky places to visit in the UK – click here for a few ideas.

Try A New Food Each Week
Many of us don’t eat a varied enough diet so this New Year’s Resolution will both help extend your taste palate and your meal repertoire. Add more foods into your diet (bonus points if they come from the fruit and veg aisle) to help ensure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs. We recommend trying out a few exotic foods such as plantain, lychees and dragon fruit – delicious and can be used in many tasty ways!

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