National BBQ Week

18th May, 2019

WHATEVER THE weather, it’s time to dust down the ol’ trusty BBQ for the UK’s 23rd National BBQ Week!

Running from May 27th – 2nd June, celebrate the warmer days and lighter nights with a bit of gastro-grilling and al-fresco dining. We’ve found three delectable and different dishes to celebrate, check them out below and let us know if you have a go…

Sticky BBQ Ribs

Messy food is the best food and you can’t get much messier (and yummier) then Sticky BBQ Ribs. These tender american-style pork ribs are covered in cola, sesame seeds and an irresistible sweet sticky sauce giving the ribs a delicious tangy crunch.

Click here for the recipe.  

Melting-Middle Aubergine Parcels 

Filled with mozzarella and dressed with pesto sauce, these BBQ-friendly parcels are both simple (and delicious) in taste and making. These little Italian bundles of joy taste delctable served on the BBQ and are full of nutritional goodness – serve with garlic bread for a luscious light lunch.

Click here for the recipe.  

Marshmallow & Strawberry Kebabs

Toast these sweet skewers with a salted caramel drizzle to end your night on a high. Simply thread marshmallows and hulled strawberries onto skewers and carefully hold over the residual heat of your BBQ. Turn slowly until the marshmallows are toasted then drizzle with salted caramel and hazelnuts for a decadent dessert.

Click here for the recipe.  

You can pick up all your fresh meat and veg from Kitsons, Marleys, Harry Maynells and Peacocks here at Castlegate!

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