Could this be proof ghosts exist?

22nd May, 2019

CASTLEGATE RECENTLY announced it would be hosting charity ghost tours, after years of rumoured sightings and paranormal activity.

To find proof of the tales reported by our staff, security and customers, we invited paranormal investigators, Spiritus Paranormal to spend the night and see what they could find.

Staring into an empty room in the abandoned Stephenson House where there is no power, the team picked up a ghostly figure using thermal detection equipment.

Josh Ryan who was filming the investigation on behalf of Castlegate said: “As a sceptic, it was a shocking sight. The camera picked up the figure standing still and looking directly as us.

“One of the team moved closer to the ghostly figure so we could compare the two shapes and there was a significant difference between them. It was one of several things that happened during the evening that changed my opinion and convinced me.”

Don Sanderson, one of the founders of Spirtus Paranormal described the shopping centre’s abandoned building as one of the most haunted places they have ever investigated: “Within an hour of arriving we had already witnessed lots of activity.”

The shopping centre is now inviting the public to come and see for themselves, if they too can capture any evidence during an exclusive charity ghost tour of the building.

All money raised from the ticket sales will go to One Great Day supporting Great Ormond Street and Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation.

Karen Eve, Centre Manager at Castlegate Shopping Centre said: “Guests of the Ghost Tour will be able to visit after hours and take a guided tour of the disused areas, which some staff are even too scared to enter.”

Due to the amount of strange sightings, guests will be encouraged to take their own photos and footage during the tour to see if any further unexplainable evidence can be obtained. 

Ghost Tours takes place on June 19th & 20th from 6.30pm through to late night and tickets start from £12.50 available at

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