Spring Savours

4th March, 2019

Lamb Collage

WITH NEW-SEASON lamb coming through, we have found three distinctive, delicious and most importantly easy recipes for you to make the most of its fabulous flavour.

Souvlaki Skewers
A marriage of Middle Eastern and Chinese influences, these earthy and spicy lamb skewers deliver a unique and tastebud tantalising flavour.

Marinated in a blend of spices, they can be grilled in the oven or if you dare start-up the BBQ (weather permitting!) they are as equally delicious chargrilled on the barbie.

Stuffed Tomatoes
This classic greek dish is juicy, healthy and bursting with fresh and vibrant colours as well as flavours.

Stuffed Tomatoes with Lamb Mince are a delicious mixture of lean lamb and herb and spices making them ideal for a light supper or a weekend lunch.

Traditional Roast Lamb
Everyone loves a good ol’ roast dinner and a classic herb encrusted leg of lamb is a must-do for any Spring Sunday lunch.

This succulent yet simple recipe takes under 20 minute to prepare proving that even the most novice of cooks can create a delicious roast dinner. Don’t forget those all important roasties and seasonal spring veg!

Remember to pick up your fresh locally-sourced lamb from our independent butchers – Kitsons, Marleys and Harry Maynells 

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