Spring Has Sprung

1st March, 2019

Spring Cleaning

SPRING CAN mean daffodils, baby animals and longer days BUT it also means the start of the dreaded spring clean. 

But we are here to help, with plenty of tips and advice to make your house sparkle and shine…

Make A Plan
Start by listing every room in your house – don’t forget places like the utility room, garage and loft.

Think about tasks like cleaning skirting boards, the walls and outdoor space. If this seems a bit frightening then click here to print out a thorough checklist and work your way through slowly but surely.

The spring clean is the perfect time to declutter the whole house and the easiest way to do this is to set up four boxes labelled KEEP, TOSS, DONATE and SELL.

When going through your collection of beanie babies and vintage shoes ask yourself these top 5 questions:

* How long since I last used this?
* How many do I have and how many do I need?
* Do I like it?
* Do I really need this item in order to remember good times or lost loves?
* What the heck are you and what on earth is your purpose?

Bring Back-Up
You’ve got a plan, your all-purpose cleaner and the cardboard boxes but then you realise you can’t do this ALL by yourself – it’s time to bring in back-up!

If you’ve got children give them a feather duster each and ask them to clean the skirting boards – start them young and they’ll never shove all their toys under the bed as they get older.

You can pick up all your essentials from Wilko with prices starting from under £1 for those all important cleaning essentials including Scourers, Carpet Deodorizer and Bleach Spray. 

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